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Strawberry Jam is a top-down turn-based card game rpg, starring magical girls!

Join Strawberry Jam on her mission to save her team from becoming trapped in the Shadow Realm forever, and defeat their nemesis - Asmodeus the Demon Prince!

Made for Ludum Dare 45! Theme: Start with Nothing

Under Construction
How to Play:

  • (Theoretically) Start with nothing and steal the cards you need to defeat Asmodeus (We weren't able to implement that far haha)
  • Collect new cards in each area to take advantage of new effects and strategies

Current Available Cards & Effects:

Steal: Takes the Enemy's currently played card
Attack: Does one damage and begins a combo (stage of combo indicated by stars)
Note: Combo is broken by any other card except Breaker
Charge: Doubles your next attack card. 
Defend: Blocks all incoming damage.
Reflect: Reflects any incoming damage or status effect and applies to opponent.
Breaker: Keeps combo up when played against a shield.
Mulligan: Let's you redraw your hand up to the remaining amount of cards in your hand.
Burn: Applies burn status effect, forcing you or opponent to randomly discard one card from your hand each turn. 
Poison: Applies Poison status effect, decreasing life by 1, 2, or 3 dmg depending on potency.
Magic: Increases potency of all status effects
Cure: Removes status effects

Note: This is a Ludum Dare prototype - we did have issues being able to open the game on some windows computers and there are several known crash inducing bugs. One happens when certain cards are played after inducing a status effect, and one happens after battling the first opponent in the leftmost map area.


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